In retail, customer experience is all about consistency

open.jpgRetail franchises are uniquely positioned to build a long term relationship with customers -- but are you breaking the cardinal rule of customer experience?

Think about a customer entering your store as a return home.

Whether it’s across town or across the world, home is familiar and your expectations are always satisfied.

Your job is to keep your customer at home, not send them packing, never wanting to return.

Almost every franchise business struggles with this -- even though they’ve opened with the best of intentions and on the strength of a brand they believe in.

So what are they doing wrong?

It’s so simple, it’s both hard to believe and incredibly easy to fix. The answer is consistency - across ALL stores.

Think about it: think about every visit you’ve ever made to a franchise. What were your expectations? Were they met? Were they the same in different stores of the same Brand?

And every time they missed the mark, every time they fell short -- because a location didn’t have a promotion you expected going on, because your reward points card wasn’t accepted, because the changing rooms weren’t serviced as quickly or as well -- the big mistake was a total lack of consistency.

And every store under the Brand suffers as customers share bad experiences on social meda in a split second.  

Learn the cure for consistency, the #1 tool that can help you get your franchise back on track toward solid growth, year after year.


Customer Experience Done Wrong

clothes-1.jpegEvery detail counts and your customers will notice them – count on that.

From the signs hanging on the ceiling to the staff’s awareness of the latest campaign, consistency is the glue that holds it altogether.

A Scandinavian retail star (200+ stores) learned this the hard way. The retail franchise’s disparate units were losing customers because their experience wasn’t consistent across locations. They didn’t know what to expect.

The business did the right thing to bring customers in -- aggressive marketing campaign around the central brand on TV, Radio and Social Media events.

But their biggest mistake was not ensuring that all locations would consistently and simultaneously adopt.

Customers were walking in and none of the promotional material from the campaign were visible. Not a single sign in sight.  

Associates on the floor had no clue about it and customers were the ones telling them about the promotion.  

This break in consistency could have been because:

  • HQ Marketing focus on communicating externally first
  • The campaign information got lost in an overflowing email inbox and campaign material is still sitting unopened or because they changed their email address – a month ago
  • The staff simply forgot about it and no one followed up on their lack of compliance
  • The information they needed to keep consistency never reached the right person
  • The franchisee or manager just really didn't care enough to get engaged

Sound familiar? These are just the symptoms. Luckily, we have the Consistency Cure.

Learn about the exact steps this national brand took to simplify and guarantee consistency, provide a seamless experience for loyal customers and increase their revenue and buying power.

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