For fast-paced restaurants and cafes, customer experience comes down to operational compliance.

chainformation_restaurant.jpgBrand recognition is the ultimate goal of every successful restaurant and cafe chain. But how do you maintain a cohesive and familiar customer the next town or halfway across the world?

Mythbusting time: you can’t build a restaurant and cafe brand overnight.

It takes years of consistent service in-store, recognizable visual elements, precise marketing language, classic menu favorites that stand the test of time and stellar customer feedback -- all to convey just one thing:

“No matter where you are and what we’re serving up on the menu, your experience will always remain of the highest quality and we’ll go above and beyond to serve you because that’s just our brand culture”.

If this lofty ambition describes what your restaurant or cafe brand promises, read on.

Growth, beit local or going global doesn’t test your brand, it tests something that your brand heavily relies on.

So: do you have this asset in your corner?

For every year of consistent brand-building, all it takes is one bad experience – a location that doesn’t live up to the same hygiene standards or the servers that don’t oblige customers’ requests in the same way – to completely cut through efforts, reduce brand equity and dilute customer loyalty. Not just for that one location, but for all!

Your guests are in control of Your Brand

Today, guests and customers are in the drivers seat and what they tell each others on social media sets the reality for what your Brand really stands for. You may think it’s an issue of geography or cross-cultural differences but that is simply what it looks like to the naked eye.

We encourage you to zoom in and dig deeper.youfailreceipt.jpg

Because there is a right way to support and manage your outlets when growing your franchise brand. If you plan on going international, it's vital. 

Customer Experience -- and the Other Magic “C Word”

The “right” way is to set the stage for franchisee compliance.

Think about any successful national or global brand today and walk yourself mentally through their doors: you’ll realize that customer experience is at the very center of your journey in and out.

Do you have that experience in mind? Okay. Now, let’s play devil’s advocate: walk yourself through a recent experience with a brand you’ve come to love -- and, yet, one specific location failed to fulfill your expectations.

What went wrong? Did a barista or server fail to convey the consistent brand culture you’ve come to expect? Did they troubleshoot your request? Did they get your order right?

The issues are not about size, distance or culture – franchise success is about compliance.

Let us tell you about a beloved national restaurant brand that had captured the hearts and imaginations of those at home, started to set their sights on making a global mark a couple of years ago.

Going from local Swedish business to an international franchise brand presented a numberChainformation_Cafe.jpg

of growing pains, including:

  • Making sure staff in all locations were trained in the same way, to provide brand-centric customer experience
  • Providing a consistent brand experience no matter the franchise location
  • Delivering operations manuals to help outline standards and troubleshoot customer issues with best practices, preserving brand culture
  • Empowering the independence of the location (such as access to vendors for ordering supplies, etc.) while supporting interdependent communications (such as announcements about promotions for country-specific campaigns, changing brand guidelines or even introducing new menu items)
  • Allowing managers to spend time on interacting with customers and improving brand experience rather than searching for resources (HR forms, guidelines, updates, loyalty program info, marketing materials, etc.)

They realized that maintaining the brand equity they had worked so hard to build relied on having all franchisees compliant with their original vision -- and this meant every detail, from menu items to serving procedures to troubleshooting customer complaints, to the practices for training and taking orders. You don't need global ambitions to focus on compliance, just opening new outlets in the next town will bring these issues into focus. 

Learn more about how a  robust compliance-solution supported this international brand to go beyond borders by consolidating in-chain communications under one simple hub. Click below to read all about it.

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