Find out why efficient internal communication is at the heart of successful customer experience for service-based chains

barberer.jpgService-centric franchises have a unique opportunity for growth. But there is a reason why only a few locations are bringing in the big bucks: they are, quite literally, not on the same page.


“Service with a smile” is no more the gold standard. For service-based franchises, the saying is now an old standard -- an expectation, not a perk.

And, it’s certainly no company’s competitive advantage.

Service-based franchises are in a unique position to win but their greatest strength can also become their biggest liability.

A service-based company can operate in a much more lightweight and lean manner than their retail counterparts because they don’t need to tangle with inventory or physical products.

This means they can start small and grow faster as long as their service-providers and employees are all on the same page.

So much of success for service-based franchises hinges on the one-to-one interaction between a trained employee who is providing the service, as the face of the franchise brand, and the customer, who hopes to rely on the expertise of the company’s employee.

Essentially, communication is a huge part of customer experience for service franchises.

And, it so happens that external communications cannot remain consistent and compliant if internal communications are not consistent and compliant.

So, without planning for rapid growth, the first victim of scaling up is internal communications. The second, is an offshoot of the first and it’s the most obvious: profits.

The result is total chaos and misinformation.

Bridging the Customer Experience Gap with Communications

Have you ever tried to book an oil change with a dealer or a chain of automotive service shops?

Chances are, you have one preferred location.

Think about why this is the case. It could be for any number of reasons:

  • You’ve built a rapport with one particular mechanic
  • The location throws in an extra, high-value product or discount on a service every time you visit
  • When you call to check on your vehicle’s progress, everyone, at every point in the call, is knowledgeable about its status and is confident in giving you an ETA
  • You have confidence that, even if the mechanic who usually works on your car isn’t there, your vehicle will be looked after to the exact same standards because everyone who works there is impeccably trained and equally competent
  • They expedite if they can and they educate you about the issues before they act
  • They may not have a part you need but they’ve got excellent industry connections so they can get what you’re looking for at a competitive price

And so much more…

A combination of any or even a single one of these can make it worth it to your experience of this chain to give only this particular shop your business.

The downside is that, perhaps you’ve visited another location -- which, supposedly, is all in the family -- but the service was not to the standard you’ve come to expect and even enjoy.

Some or even all of the above points are just plain Missing In Action.


laundry.jpgLearn about how a Scandinavian service-based business in the throes of rapid unit expansion anticipated this exact situation.

They quickly realized that their competitive edge depended on the precise industry training they provided franchisees. And this was automatically translated into profits across all locations, rather than simply a handful here and there, at random. 

They also had a singular vision: that all locations would deliver the exact same level of “above and beyond” service they wanted their brand to be known for. Instead of the victim of growth, communications became the rallying point around which growth as a goal could flourish.

 The truth is that a franchisee won’t know what it can’t find.






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